Last Fab Friday at Grappenhall 26.7.19: DJ CHRIS BAMBER

Well, though the weather has brought some very hot and humid weather, it didn’t bother us at all with the air conditioning, but due to problems with the cleaners about the floor, we decided that this would be our last tango event in this venue.   Such a shame we have had to end there as it is a truly lovely venue with a large car park, but thanks to BILL AND ANN FROUD who shared their floor polish granules with us we had a wonderfully slippy  floor to dance on, and pivoting was no problem at all.

It was so nice to see Philipa again (it’s been a while) and STEWART FROM ABERDEEN who visited our tea dance a only a few short months ago – he was kept very busy thrilling the ladies on the dancefloor with his cheeky moves.

I had some fabulous tandas (thank you gentlemen all) and I hope to dance with you again at other milongas – please ask me!


We are back at Croft on Sunday 11th August with BOB FINCH at the decks.


Please note that WE ARE NO LONGER HOLDING FAB FRIDAYS  – just our tea dances at Croft – please check our calendar or check on Tango Timetable/Facebook TeaNTango.

Our last tea dance July 2019 – DJ Chris Bamber