Tea and Tango DJs

We produce wonderful ARGENTINE TANGO events monthly


A typical comment from our dancers:

 Brilliant music from the Toppers camp I loved loved loved it x Diane Clarke


Sunday afternoon tea dances for TRADITIONAL tango music


We have brilliant DJs who incorporate their own tango style into the distinctive events such as our very traditional Argentine Tango Sunday tea dances at Croft.  


All my DJs take such effort over the tracks they play for our traditional tango Sundays, and the hours they all put in for our enjoyment cannot be understated:


“Toppers”  of Simply Tango Preston

 Toppers from SIMPLY TANGO pushes his own boundaries finding exciting new tracks from his vast collection of traditional tango for our Tea Dances and when we ran them a mixture of  very danceable tracks for our Fab Fridays of both traditional and new tango music – check out our LINKs page


Chris Bamber

 Chris is a real master producing quality traditional tango for our Tea Dances, though he quite likes Nuevo music too!


Bob Finch (Gresford Tango)

Bob entertains us at our Tea Dances with surprising seasonal cortinas that give that extra layer to his traditional tango music


Nigel and Gill

It was with sadness that I heard that Gill Blunk had passed away 13th Jan 2021 after a long fought battle with cancer.  Gill and Nigel hadn’t worked for us for a while but they presented gentle, melodious tandas where the music flowed effortlessly at our Tea Dances, and whilst Nigel no longer works for us we wish him well with whatever his new endevours present.


Ed Petrossian 

Ed’s music was a mixture of traditional and alternative tango on the occasions he did our Fab Fridays, with an emphasis on something different with a little of blues and R&B


TEA AND TANGO – established 2014