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Formed in 2014,

Tea and Tango is a member of the UK Argentine Tango Association since it’s formation in 2021.

Argentine tango originated in the back-street bars and steamy bordellos of Buenos Aires in the late nineteenth century, since then the dance and the distinctive music has developed and been enhanced through the innovation and creativity of those who fall in love with Tango.

Tango can be described as a simple walk, in time to fabulous music, and also a dynamic movement full of energy and fun, but it is more than just a dance: it’s a wonderfully diverse art form. 

Across the UK we have a vibrant, welcoming community where ordinary people from all walks of life, enjoy Tango as a regular social activity.  What attracts people to Tango? To dance Tango is to experience a silent conversation between dancers involving passion and seduction, it is the exploration of connection with each other and the floor and weaving intricate patterns with feet when legs become entwined.  Like all conversations, every dance is different, and like chatting to an old friend or flirting with a lover, the combinations are endless, timeless and enlightening.


UK Argentine Tango Association Member Number 2053

I start dancing Argentine Tango when my son was 15 and I could go out dancing.  From the beginning it captured my soul – when I have the opportunity to dance in the arms of a fabulous leader I am able to experience connection, emotion and musicality in a truly humbling form, and it prompted me to start Tea and Tango, check out TeaNTango on Facebook.


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