11 August 2019 Argentine Tea Dance at Croft: DJ Bob Finch

It was a hot sticky day and Pop Up Festival was on in Manchester, but nevertheless we still had over 50 dancers attending.  My thanks as ever to our DJ Bob and wife Viv for getting into the spirit of the event with their outfits, and to also to those dancers with a bit of Hawaii about them.

We had Gill visit us from the tango community in San Francisco and Paul Sharpe who traipsed all the way from the Nottingham and Derbyshire tango community to give us a try.   So lovely to see all our other regular dancers who travel wide and far  too.  We do appreciate your support.


36 mins

The scrumptious buffet you put so much effort into, sustained me through 4 hours of dancing with your friendly and warm dancers. Looking forward to my next visit x


Don’t forget – whilst we no longer run Friday evening milongas, we are continuing with our Sunday Tea Dances and our next event is Sunday 8th September with our workshops with Joahanna Pantera on Saturday 14th September at Croft.


Our last Fab Friday pics