Tango is a traveling dance; the line of dance is counter clockwise.

One must maintain common dance flow when dancing at the outer perimeter; if you find yourself interrupting the dance flow, move toward the centre to let others pass.


Respect other dancers’ space

Experienced dancers should give novice dancers the room they need.  Novice dancers should stay closer to the centre of the dance floor  to give experienced dancers their space.  Experienced dancers wanting to perform steps that interrupt the dance flow should do so toward the centre of the floor.


Be conscientious and courteous to your fellow dancers.

Proceed cautiously to avoid bumping into other dancers, if you do, apologise and try to slow down, recollect yourself, and be more careful.


Use proper judgement when on a crowded dance floor.

Only  execute steps that do not violate other dancers’ space.  Avoid any steps that could potentially hurt others; this is the time to use one’s milongeuero knowledge – NO AERIALS please.


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