Fab Friday 10 March 2019: DJ “Toppers” from Simply Tango, Preston

Last night’s Fab Friday was lovely, with new people travelling such a long way to join us! Thank you to Amanda, Jackie, Thomas and Joe, and of course, to our dedicated band of regulars who are our mainstay and such friendly people. Glad you ate the chocs so I didn’t have to! Comments about the floor were taken to management and the music was brilliant as ever – but a few smiles that Toppers gave us a work out and something to think about was so true – I was dancing to those tracks so agreed but loved it too. Finding tracks that suit vals in new music can be a stretch sometimes but oh it was worth it. Toppers you did it again!


Great to have such a wonderful feel to the evening again.  Don’t forget – our next tea dance is on Sunday 14th April starting at 2pm in Croft!

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