Fab Friday 24th May 2019 DJ: Chris Bamber

Though a lot of our dancers were at either Liverpool or Skipton we had a great time and CHRIS BAMBER played some absolutely brilliant music – some bluesy tango and varied surprises where DJ Chris explored musical byways with unfamiliar bands – there was a very chilled and sophisticated play list which included tracks from the vocalist Madeline Peron and discerning Yiddish music from Clezmer in particular. All our dancers were pleased with the music and rarely sat down – and I got to dance a lot!  Thank you so much to our gentlemen.

Thank you again to our regular dancers for supporting us on a very busy tango bank holiday weekend and again nice to have people new to Tea and Tango join us from the tango community!

Fab Friday dancing indeed @ TeaNTango, thanXx 🙏🏼 Sophia Kariotaki for the sleepover and Ruth Killen for the lovely event 

Gary Mayer A wonderful, relaxed evening. Fabulous range and choice of music. Pearl and Gary


Don’t forget that we are back at Croft on Sunday the 9th of June – DJ the fabulous Topper.