January 12th 2020 Tea Dance at Croft DJ: TOPPERS

What a way to start the year!  A very full house – will have to think about how to expand the dance floor space – but what a wonderful atmosphere right from the start! 

In fact, as usual we had dancers turning up before we were even officially open, and so many staying to the bitter end, very gratifying for Martin and myself that you all enjoy coming to us and delighting in the music so much.  We really appreciate your support.


New people joined us again (a few beginners, welcome Frank and Sharon, Jean and Geoff) and also lovely to have visiting Argentine tango teachers from Buenos Aries, such an eclectic mix of tango dancers all enjoying themselves on a wet Sunday afternoon.  Of course, our fabulous regular dancers really enjoyed themselves with the wonderful tandas Toppers produced.


We even sold some shoes!  I have gained a man’s black jumper and a pair of black JOE BROWNS dance shoes (for sale so will be putting these out again next time), so please try to take all your belongings home with you, Les ran off with a ladies red jumper and Erico took Les’s jumper to give him and return to whoever said ladies jumper.

My thanks as ever to TOPPER for more great music and JULIA of Jive North Hindley   for her help on the day and in the kitchen!


  • Gary Mayer Great turnout. Thanks for lovely afternoon Ruth Gary and Pearl. xx
  • Peter Morris Thank you Ruth it was a lovely afternoon of tango food and friends thank you

First time at Croft had a lovely time

Don’t forget to collect your milonga passes from Martin at Simply Tango, Preston, mtopping6@icloud.com if you intend to travel in March to the Charity Tango Weekender 4*  Castle Inn, Bassenthwaite . The Saturday pre-milonga lesson is included in the milonga pass.   I went last time and am fully paid up for this time and it’s a great relaxing tango weekend.  And if you want a break from all that tango, it’s close to plenty of local tourist hotspots and excellent hill walks.


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